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    • Supports Immune Health*
    • Promotes Brain Function*
    • Supports Bone & Muscle Health*

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  • Vitamin D to the Rescue

    Vitamin D's influence on key biological functions vital to one's health and well-being mandates that Vitamin D supplementation can no longer be ignored by individuals striving to achieve and maintain a greater state of health. The research on this vitamin keeps coming: cardiovascular health, immune support, bone and joint health, and much more.* This advancement in scientific knowledge about D is especially notable when we consider that we are living in a time of widespread Vitamin D insufficiency.

    Benefits & Research That Can't Be Ignored

    • Advanced Bone and Muscle Support*
    • Immune Support*
    • Cardiovascular and Energy Support*
    • Convenient Once Weekly Tablet

    One Pill Per Week is All it Takes!

    For people that don’t like to take pills every day, now there is a great option: Once-Weekly Vitamin D3 by Dr. Redcross Wellness: It’s just what the Doctor ordered! Featuring 20,000iu of Vitamin D3, this special fat-soluble vitamin is absorbed by the body and stored for later usage. Unlike water soluble vitamins, Vitamin D3 can be dosed one per week in higher doses, allowing a level of convenience not typical with most other supplements. It’s never been easier to get Vitamin D sufficient.

    The Rationale for Dr. Redcross Wellness 20,000 IU Vitamin D Once-Weekly

    Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin stored in the liver and fatty tissues. Unlike other vitamins that are quickly eliminated in the urine, you do not need to take vitamin D every day - a big convenience for many supplement users – as the body can tap its reserves if blood levels drop. The established safe upper limit for daily consumption is around 5,000 IU, which equals about 35,000 IU per week. In clinical trials, Vitamin D has been administered in at 10,000 IUs daily and higher (for 12 months) with no ill effects. So Dr. Redcross Wellness Vitamin D Once-Weekly follows the science, while adding a dash of convenience, delivering a safe and healthy level of Vitamin D simply taken once-a-week!

    Toth BE, et al. Safety and efficacy of weekly 30,000 IU vitamin supplementation as a slower loading dose administration compared to a daily maintenance schedule in deficient patients: a randomized, controlled clinical trial. J Pharmacovigil 2017; 5(4) DOI: 10.4172/2329-6887.1000233.

    Support Your Bones and Muscles

    Without adequate Vitamin D intake, the body cannot properly metabolize Calcium. Vitamin D strengthens bones and may also support muscle strength because of its direct effect on calcium transport into muscles. Because of its unique interplay with calcium, vitamin D can support the health of both of these important structures as well as your athletic performance.*

    Powerful Immune Support

    Vitamin D plays an important role in the function of our immune system. Vitamin D receptors are present on almost all immune cells and vitamin D has immune-modulating properties that can support health and wellness by supporting innate immunity.*

    Heart and Cardiovascular Support

    Recent research is pointing to the increasing role of vitamin D in maintaining healthy cardiovascular and heart function. Studies have found an association between optimum blood levels of vitamin D and healthy cardiovascular function.*