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    • Supports Restful Sleep*
    • Supports Improved Sleep Quality*
    • Supports Healthy Sleep Time and Reduced Sleep Awakening*

  • 30 Tablets - 1 month supply

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  • Dr. Redcross Wellness Melatonin Melt – Sweet Dreams at Last!

    Restful sleep. It's something everyone needs but very few achieve. The stresses of everyday life keep our minds awake when our bodies and minds need the recharge afforded by a sound night’s sleep. I see this all the time in my practice. And we want a nutritional solution for sound sleep that we can rely on.

    That’s why I created my Melatonin Melts. They are an innovative, safe, non-habit forming, melt-in-your-mouth wafer designed to harness the night time nourishing benefits of Melatonin, Magnesium and Chamomile – so you can promote healthy, sound, restful sleep.* I designed my Dr. Redcross Wellness Melatonin Melts for daily use, as they are not habit forming, and people love that each great-tasting and quick-dissolving Melatonin Melt wafer (no water is needed to swallow) really make a difference. They help you enjoy the healthy, restorative sleep you need to take advantage of the body's night time recuperative processes.*

    Getting a good night's sleep shouldn't be a chore, and the ingredients in Melatonin Melt ensure you are supporting, prepping and priming your body to relax, unwind and fall asleep in a healthy fashion. With my all new Melatonin Melt (with just the right amount of Melatonin per melt – 2 mg) you are finally ready to enjoy a healthy, restorative night's sleep.

    This product is gluten free.