Register Your Account and Manage Your Subscriptions Online

(Please note you can also manage SuperSAVER by calling customer care during business hours at 1-800-329-2930)

  1. Go to the My Account section and select Start Registration
  2. Match your account by Email Address, Phone Number or Customer Number, then hit the REGISTER button.
  3. Email a temporary password to the email address on file. Hit the EMAIL PASSWORD button. A temporary password will be emailed to you.
  4. Log in with your temporary password and hit the SIGN IN button under Returning Customers.
  5. Verify your Postal/Zip Code and choose (and confirm) a new password, then hit the CONTINUE button.
  6. You are now registered! To edit your subscription: Navigate back to MY ACCOUNT section and select Edit Subscriptions.
  7. On the My Subscriptions page, find a list of your subscriptions. Hit the EDIT button on the subscription you want to manage.
  8. Manage your quantity, ship date, ship frequency, shipping address, payment method, or cancel subscription. Remember to hit save!