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    • Supports cardiovascular health, circulation, and blood vessel health.*
    • Promotes immunity, brain function, skin health, and antioxidant defense*
    • Contains 70% Procyanidins--flavonoids from Pine Bark extract

  • 90 Tablets - 1 month supply

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  • Dr. Redcross Wellness Pycnogenol Melts (PycnoMelt™) – a New Way to Promote Wellness is Finally here!*

    One of my favorite all-star ingredients, Pycnogenol is one of the most versatile, clinically validated, health promoting compounds in the world of nutrition! In my estimation, Pycnogenol’s wide body of research as a botanical ingredient is unrivaled due to its 200+ finished product clinical studies. What it can do for your health will amaze you.

    As a Physician, I am always on the lookout for ingredients that are wholesome, science-based and affordable. Pycnogenol’s wide range of benefits make it a true “go-to” ingredient for my patients and now for the first time it’s not only affordable, but available in a tasty, chewable tablet. So for those folks who can’t easily swallow pills, or for those who just enjoy new delivery methods, this great orange-flavored PycnoMelt™ Pycnogenol chewable tablet is a unique innovation in the marketplace.

    What is Pycnogenol and Why Am I So Passionate about its Benefits?

    By virtue of its sheer volume of clinical studies, Pycnogenol® (pic-noj-en-all) is one of the crown jewels of the botanical kingdom.* Pycnogenol® is a patented, sustainable, highly-exclusive French maritime pine bark extract grown in Southwest France.

    Power-packed with a unique blend of Procyanidin antioxidants, Pycnogenol®'s attributes include:

    • Support for cardiovascular health, circulation, blood vessel health, immunity, brain function, skin health, and antioxidant defense*
    • Contains 70% Procyanidins—flavonoids from Pine Bark extract
    • 100% Pure Extract from Pine Bark. No additives
    • Over 200 Clinical Studies validating efficacy (at varying doses)
    • Every batch tested against strict purity specifications
    • Non-GMO

    Dr. Redcross Wellness Pycnogenol Melts provide 75 mg of prized Pycnogenol® in 3 chewable tablets augmented by the digestive health benefits of a clinical Probiotic (lactospore®). This dual-action combination delivers a myriad of benefits you need to experience to believe.*

    This Rich History of Pycnogenol®

    Pycnogenol® has a rich history dating back to 1535 when French explorer, Jacques Cartier, on his 2nd voyage to Canada sailed up the St. Lawrence River in Canada. During this frigid winter, Cartier and his men got stuck in frosty Quebec. About 25 of his men perished before friendly Quebec Indians came to their rescue. The Indians were knowledgeable about the healing attributes of nature and prepared a tea derived from the needles and the bark of specific pine trees native to the area. Cartier and his men drank the tea. Within days, as the reports indicate, the crew started feeling stronger. The tree bark proved highly effective and they still confer great benefits to those who take the standardized, clinically studied Pycnogenol® today. Pycnogenol® harnesses these unique compounds and is finally getting the attention it deserves.

    Over 40 Years of Research Establishing the Safety, Efficacy and Quality of Pycnogenol®

    Please be aware the Pycnogenol® is the branded name of this prized raw material which has undergone hundreds of clinical studies. It should NOT be equated or confused with other generic Pine bark extracts of unknown quality. Only Pycnogenol® has this unique array of potent Procyanidin extracts developed over decades of painstaking effort to concentrate and standardize these key active components along with an extensive portfolio of research studies that demonstrate efficacy. Pycnogenol® is produced using a patented process that meets the highest quality standards, and my Dr. Redcross Wellness Pycnogenol Melts are at this time the only chewable official Pycnogenol® tablet option on the market designed for quick and easy chewable supplementation.

    Pycnogenol® Chewable Melts Key Features and Benefits:

    • Supports healthy circulation by promoting production of nitric oxide in blood vessel walls*
    • Helps maintain already normal joint flexibility and mobility*
    • Supports normal cognitive function in children and adults*
    • Promotes cardiovascular function*
    • Supports healthy blood pressure and blood sugar in the already normal range*
    • Supports the body's antioxidant defenses*
    • Supports healthy skin by promoting elasticity and hydration.*
    • Promotes retinal capillaries and helps maintain healthy eyesight.*

    This product is gluten free.