• Citicoline Cognition Support
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    • Supports Healthy Brain Cell Function*
    • Helps with Mild Memory Problems Associated with Normal Aging*
    • Supports Healthy Cognitive Function*

  • 60 CAPSULES - 2 month supply

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  • Help Your Brain Cells Talk to Each Other—with Citicoline*

    Citicoline belongs in the class of compounds known as "nootropics", substances that promote healthy cognitive function.* Citicoline is a phospholipid that plays several important and beneficial roles in the brain. Citicoline serves as a building block, or "precursor," for phosphatidylcholine which is a primary structural component of cell membranes. The membranes on the outside of brain cells are where cell-to-cell communication occurs, through transmission of bio-electric impulses between adjacent cells. In this sense, citicoline helps brain cells talk to each other.*

    Citicoline supports production of the acetylcholine, norepinephrine and dopamine, neurotransmitters involved in brain cell communication and memory.* Dopamine also supports a positive mood.* These effects make Citicoline a key nutraceutical for healthy brain aging.* Citicoline also helps inhibit formation of free radicals in brain cell membranes, which further contributes to healthy brain aging.*

    Citicoline— Food for Your Brain Cells*

    Consumed as a dietary supplement, Citicoline readily crosses the blood-brain barrier*. All in all, we can think of Citicoline as "brain cell food." Citicoline has an excellent track record of safety in clinical trials and can be taken daily as part of a supplement program for brain health and healthy aging.*