Finding the right supplements can be confusing and costly. But it doesn’t have to be. The mission behind Dr. Redcross Wellness is a simple one. At Dr. Redcross Wellness we create elite nutritional supplements, affordably priced, that deliver health benefits to promote your health and wellness. We are driven by science and inspired by nature. Quality.Care. Value. Wellness. These are our founding principles, and this is what we strive for every day. Welcome to the Dr. Redcross Wellness family!


I earned my medical degree from the prestigious Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York, specializing in internal medicine. During my training, I participated in fellowships in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, to fulfill my passion in serving the under-served while enhancing my medical fluency in Spanish. After completing my residency, I co-founded and served as president of Medi-Stop, an urgent care, walk-in clinic in California, treating minor medical ailments. As one of the first full-service concierge, personalized medical practices in the United States, my patients include C-level business executives, athletes and professionals in the entertainment industry, as well as individuals from all walks and stages of life -- including college students, young professionals, busy parents and retirees. I remain focused on developing the patient-doctor bond – allowing for a more strategic and customized approach to each patient’s healthcare plan.

With extensive on-camera experience with major national television shows including "The Doctors," "The Insider" and E! Entertainment Television, I have been fortunate to frequently share my expertise in managing everyday health challenges to a broader audience. I have also authored numerous consumer-focused health articles for MSN Latino and Everyday Health.


As a practicing physician, I’ve seen the consequences of sub-optimal nutrition in too many patients. Without adequate vitamin and mineral consumption, the body simply doesn’t run with maximum efficiency, and we cannot achieve the health and vitality we deserve. Dr. Redcross Wellness strives to bring you effective products that help you address all of your nutritional needs and attain your health goals so you can feel your absolute best each and every day.

Dr. Redcross Wellness is proud to support Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization providing life-changing vitamins to mothers and children under five at risk of malnutrition—reducing preventable illness, blindness, and death—to create a healthier world. A portion of all sales are donated to the Vitamin Angels.

The leading health risk in the world, accounting for more deaths each year than cancer, AIDS, or heart disease, is lack of food. Malnutrition is the number one cause of preventable child deaths—in fact, almost half are linked to malnutrition. We are committed to changing this statistic.